Numerous times as a business professional I have told my customers to look me up on Facebook. Do they take the time to do it? Most of the time they don’t. That is the plain truth. So we thought, how can we get the client to a social media or website page instantly without having to explain how to find us!? So, we created the Paradigm Smart Card. Let’s look at the strategy here. The Paradigm Smart Card is embedded with your social media link (we’ll use Facebook for example!)

As I am speaking with my client I am at the same time waiting for an opening to tell them to follow me on Facebook. When the time is right, I simply state to the customer “follow me on Facebook.” As I am pulling out my Paradigm Smart Card, I tap their phone with the card, and the customer is taken to the social media page instantly. They click follow and I now have them connected to my Facebook. That’s how fast that takes place. Now, they can look at my content, see reviews, my contact information, business information, and I can now be in front of my customer daily with content.

This by far surpasses what any traditional paper business card could ever do. This makes sense and in today’s fast-paced world if we are not taking steps to create this type of strategy and connect quickly with our prospects, you could lose the customer. The great thing about the Paradigm Smart Card you can have any link you want to be connected to the smart card. It is up to you where you want to connect with your customers and what will be the strategy for the business. It is a Paradigm of Possibilities.