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I am located in Lubbock, Texas and I have over 5 years of Digital Marketing experience. I have worked with multiple clients in different businesses and have helped them get the attention on the web. I provide many tools and services that can bring down hiring costs and outsourcing graphics designer, web development, designing, digital marketing, and much more. Together I know that we can create a plan of action to reach your business goals!

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With over 5 years of experience in websites, graphics, marketing/advertising, SEO optimization, analytics, and strategies in an array of different business’s, I am your marketing team all in one! On-line marketing is the new way of advertising.¬†


I create and take full control of your website to adhere to guidelines and up to date content. Traffic to your website through analytics gives me data to best create and send customers to specific pages on your website for call- to- action. Your website explains what your business is all about. My objective is to get customers to your website and get them to purchase your products or services….the end!


I create custom graphics ads, video ads, banner ads, brochures, QR codes, and much more to bring your business to life. Custom content is created for each specific campaigns marketed. Each content must have an objective to get your customers to “click” to your business. You do not need to outsource graphics and video designer, I do it all in-house for you!


Too much of a good thing can be bad in the end. I research for the best social media platforms for your business and stick to it. You can be on all social media platforms but spending money on the ones that do not bring attention to your business is a waste of marketing resources. I create Organic/Paid content on social media platforms for your business to bring awareness, call to action, clicks, engaging content, and graphics that set you apart from your competitors… I get attention to your business. Social media is where individuals spend 60% of their time on social media these days.


Keywords and placement is the key objective for customers searching your type of products and services. A/B keyword testing is a must when it comes to your business. Placing at the top and first of google search through SEO or Paid Advertising is what sets you apart from your competitors. I take full control of your Google ads to get your business to specific locations and specific keyword search to get customers to your business


Analytics is one of the crucial aspects of Digital Marketing. Without analytics, you will never know what customers are interested in your products/services. You must know what your CPC, Bounce Rate, CTR, Locations, Time of Day, and much more. It is crucial that we know where, when, how, and how much to spend on marketing for the best interest of the business. I track and collect data to present for campaign planning and target marketing.


Results are what you want and is what I strive for on a daily basis. Digital Marketing is a 24/7 process. Marketing trends are constantly shifting and the web never sleeps. Putting it all together, in the end, is a happy customer and revenue for the business. You want results and I strive to get you the results we desire for your business.

  • Women 75% 75%
  • Men 60% 60%
  • Age 25-35 80% 80%
  • Contact Form 65% 65%


Customers in your City


Conversion rate

  • Customers to your Website 45% 45%
  • Phone Calls 30% 30%
  • Specific Web Page 70% 70%
  • Referral Traffic 80% 80%


Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become the number one way to advertise your business! I not only take your information and place it on social media but, I bring a variety of strategies to advertise your business on social media. Social media has taken the wheel of advertising and if you are not on social media I am sure your competitor is on social media. I take your social media and turn it into an engaging and fun experience to new and existing customers. I create strategies in a way to get your customer to “click.”


I can create and/or update your website to its full potential. With a user-friendly website and plugins that work specifically for your business from contact forms, e-commerce, analytics, functionality, continuous monitoring, and much more. Your website is the first impression your customers need to trust and want to use for your services/products. No more outsourcing a web developer for your business! As your employee, I input and create what is best for your business. Oh and one more thing, I create all of your custom graphics for your website!

Search Engine Optimization

There are many ways and strategies to help you rank at the top of the page of Google. The competition for ranking is difficult but with patience, an expert, and a strategic approach we can get there. I take your business and create content that is reputable for your business. I work to get you first in line to customers searching for services/products in your field.

Google Ads

It speaks for itself #GoogleAds The most dependable way of getting customers to your business. This can be a very difficult task even for us pros but, the reward that comes from Google Ads takes your business to another level. On a daily basis I monitor, search, test, keyword inputs, targeting, eye-catching liners, and so much more. Your business, my strategy, and Google Ads together we break barriers.


Collecting total overview data gives us a look of just how much traffic we generate to your website over a period of time.


I gather information of the most popular channels your customers are coming from. It is necessary to understand where we need to utilize marketing budgets and to what referral channels we need to spend marketing expenses. Without this information, you can easily spend marketing expenses on unnecessary channels.


When are the most popular times of the week do your customers engage in your social media and your website?! I create strategies to get back data of when your customers are more engaging and utilize those days to advertise your business..


We must know of locations where we are marketing and targeting. If you are pushing marketing expenses in one area and not generating conversions but, in another area, you are generating conversions, we need this information to shift marketing expenses. This is in the best interest of the business and marketing expenses.


We must understand how visitors are flowing throughout the website. What is the most popular page of your website customers are visiting? How they enter your website and what page do they exit!? This can determine what areas of your business we need to work on or do more of. This is a huge part of the behavior of customers and how they engage on your website.


Google Ads is what sets you apart from the competition. Ask yourself when was the last time you googled something you were interested in or information you needed to know about… Probably in the last 48hrs! Google ads are what customers search for and you need to be on the first page of the customer’s interest in your services/products. Google ads make that happen.


Google Analytics is a crucial part of information for your business. I cannot stress to you how important this is. This is a must to understand the behavior of visitors, customers, and your services/products. I gather information and relay it back to the team to help them understand what area of the business needs improvement or what area is doing well. If this is something that you have not implemented into your business I am the person you need to set up, understand the data, and utilize this platform to the fullest for the best interest of the business and important information to other departments.


Not only do I just do marketing but I can create content for your business. Brochures, poster boards, employee information flyers, employee digital screens, store-front business screens, promotional cards, flyers, and much more. No more outsourcing graphics designer for your business…we will now do it in-house.


I create can create digital signage inside the business with current information, promotional products, sales, discounts, employee screens in the break room, weather, and much more. It starts by advertising first, inside the business. I take full control over the screens for current and future information to customers and employees.








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