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Our Paradigm Smart Card is a new innovative business card. Just “TAP the PHONE” with your card, and it gets your customers to your website or social media. Throw away those traditional business cards and get your customer instantly to where you want to connect. Traditional business cards are a thing of the past. There’s  a new innovative way of getting your customer instantly to your website or social media page. Grow your followers or get your customer to your service/product website page. Check out below how Paradigm Smart Card works!



                                                                                         Our technology works with updated smartphones. But don’t worry just in case they don’t have the latest smartphone, they can easily scan your QR Code on your Paradigm Social Smart Card. We know how important it is to get followers so, we made sure your new friend gets to your social media page instantly. When you purchase your Paradigm Social Smart Card, you don’t need to download another app or fill out another form. Purchase your card and wait for it to arrive. We’ll take care of the technical side.

CARD SIZE: The card is the normal size of a business card.

General Questions

How can the Paradigm Card help me?

Example: Ashley is a car salesmen. He meets customers daily. Customers ask him for a business card. Instead, he taps and holds his Paradigm card to customers phone to get them to his facebook page instantly. He gets 8 to 10 new likes daily to his facebook page. He has hundreds of new potential customers on his facebook. Ashley’s strategy works and the Paradigm Smart Card makes that happen. Don’t believe us? Click Here 


Does it Work with All Smart Phones?

The Paradigm Smart Card works with all new updated version iPhone 11 and up and most of all Androids smart phones. No worries… you have a QR Code on the card to get your customer or friend to your website or social media just in case.

Do I have to setup it up myself?

No. During checkout we will ask you for the URL address you would like to use. We will take care of the technical side. When you receive your Paradigm card in the mail just open the package and start putting it to work.

Do I have to download an app?

No. No app to download and no website form to fill out. We take care of the technical side for you as our customer. Just open your package when you receive it and start putting it to work!

What information is stored on the card?

The only information that is stored on the card is your URL address to your website or social media.

Can the card transfer information or take information from another persons smart phone?

No. Personal information is not transfered either way. Only the URL address to your website or social media is stored on the card. The technology on the card is secured and only used for the purpose of triggering your URL address.

Can I change the information on the card at anytime?

No. When you purchase the card the information on the card cannot be changed. We do recommend to purchase more than one card with different URL addresses for each card for sales and personal use. 

If I do not like the product can I get a refund?

Yes, you have 14 days after receiving the product. Simply just mail back the product to us in its original state and once we recieve and process the product, you will receive a full refund.